Honda Trading


Our Business


We procure a variety of auto parts from around the world and supply these to the Honda Group and auto suppliers.

We use a global network of approximately 1,400 distribution lines to support Honda’s global production.

We are able to meet a variety of needs through integrated coordination of services from the planning stage, including the reduction of customers’ costs and delivery times as well as assisting in the expansion of new business.

Business fields

  • Automobile parts procurement
  • Motorcycle parts procurement
  • Power product parts procurement

Main areas in which supplied materials are used


The strength of our global network with Honda Group

Honda Trading uses more than 30 bases in 20 countries throughout the world to cover tailored distribution routes in every conceivable region, something that Honda would be unable to achieve on its own.

Through our unique network, we supply almost every Honda base in the world with auto parts. We also have an extensive involvement in Honda Group parts procurement.

Total coordination capabilities

We handle overall coordination of trading between our customers and the Honda Group, responding to a variety of customer needs. By acting as intermediaries to link our customers with the Honda Group, Honda Trading contributes to the expansion of customers’ global purchasing capabilities and eliminates the burden of troublesome coordination.

The ability to respond flexibly to new customer needs

Honda Trading will identify and respond flexibly to customers’ future needs, including the strengthening of its networks in regions of Asia and Africa where the expansion of business is expected and by increasing its handling of electrical components and modules in addition to existing parts and products.

Developments in each region

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